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Virginia Needs More Wine Grapes | Wtvr.com

Advice for Tiger Woods: Eat grapes and tie a double knot - Yahoo Sports

Grape production yielded 8,039 tons, from 6,862 tons in 2013, according to the new production report. The 2014 wine grape harvest in Virginia is second only to the 2009 harvest, when just more than 8,600 tons were produced. The governor called for more planting and wine production to meet demand. With sales increasing steadily over the last few years and interest about our wine industry growing along the East Coast, the United Kingdom, China and other markets, we must plant more grapevines, increase harvests, and produce more wine to meet that demand, McAuliffe said. Doing so will help the wine industry continue to grow and provide more opportunities, especially in rural areas, as we work to build a new Virginia economy. Since fiscal year 2010 when a number of state initiatives were launched, sales of Virginia wines have increased by approximately 26 percent, but most of that increase came early.
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Commentary: Tiger advice: Eat grapes, just play

in-this-feb-5-2015-file-photo-tiger-woods-center-loads-his-car-after-withdrawing-during-the-first-round-of-the-farmers-insurance-open-golf-tournament-in-san-diego-woods-was-fleeing-from-a-golf-tournament-in-mid-round-mumbling-something-about-improper-activation-of-his-glutes-two-weeks-before-the-masters-hes-still-missing-in-action-though-his-fans-have-plenty-of-ideas-on-how-to-get-his-mojo-back I just want to see you back at the top of golf. This is not a scam I've been doing this successfully for over 20 yrs.'' Who knows, it might be as simple as a trip to the produce section grow wine grapes of the local Piggly Wiggly. ''Tiger, hang in there,'' says Dana Bergerstock. ''I just had a total knee replacement, and I had to start over from square one. They tell me it will come around like a fine wine. I started eating grapes to start the progression. It's working! Eat some grapes during your next round.
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Vineyard's soil microbes shape grapes' microbial community -- ScienceDaily

A few rare species found in the soil, were enriched in the aboveground grapes and leaves. This indicates that the soil acts as a reservoir for most of the bacteria that are colonizing the plants' structures. Next, the team compared the New York grapes' microbiome to those associated with Merlot grapes from Bordeaux, France, and crushed Merlot grapes from California. All three hosted similar bacteria species. "No matter where you are in the world, the types of bacteria growing on or in Merlot grapes are quite similar," says Gilbert.
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A vineyard's soil microbes shape the grapes' microbial community | EurekAlert! Science News

PHOTO BY AP / GREGORY BULL In this Feb. 5, 2015, file photo, Tiger Woods, center, loads his car after withdrawing during the first round of the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament in San Diego. Woods was fleeing from a golf tournament in mid-round, mumbling something about improper activation of his glutes. Two weeks before the Masters he's still missing in action, though his fans have plenty of ideas on how to get his mojo back.
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Together, they recently launched tierra y vino, focusing on wines from La Presa Vineyard, among others, under the Ibarra and caren brands. I know Andres was how grow grapes winemaker at Rideau, and I assume Caren must be related to Iris [Rideau]. So tell me how this new venturebegan. Caren Rideau: My visits to the Santa Ynez Valley began in 1995, visiting my godmother, Iris, who is my aunt through marriage.
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Garagiste Winemakers Unite in Solvang

There is immense commercial interest in finding specific bacteria that would add benefits to crops, such as drought and pest resistance. But the findings may also point to new, bacterial ways to massage a wine's outcome. "From the wine industry's perspective, terroir comes from the plant's physiology, the chemical nature of the grapes, and the yeast that do the fermenting work," says Gilbert. From this study, Gilbert argues that the microbes present in the soil, rather than the soil's physical characteristics, might play a bigger role in influencing terroir. "We don't have evidence that bacteria are specifically contributing to terroir, but our next step is to figure out how those bacteria are affecting the chemistry of the plant." ### mBio is an open access online journal published by the American Society for Microbiology to make microbiology research broadly accessible. The focus of the journal is on rapid publication of cutting-edge research spanning the entire spectrum of microbiology and related fields. It can be found online at http://mbio.
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Ronda Rousey has a very real and serious hat problem - SBNation.com

Large sb nation final You should also be aware that she is anti-carb and anti-wrap. When she's training, this is a sample of what her menu looks like: 8 a.m.: Two teaspoons oat bran, two teaspoons chia seeds, two teaspoons hemp seeds; 10 a.m.: Train; 11:45: Post-exercise smoothie; 12 p.m.: Farmer's scramble: one whole egg, plus two egg whites, two sides of turkey bacon; 4 p.m.: Snack: one apple, one-fourth cup raw almonds, one-fourth cup raw cashews; 6 p.m.: Train. Post-exercise smoothie, da, da, da.
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