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Narsai David: Mcfadden Farm Wines Use Organic Grapes In Some Low-cost Bottles « Cbs San Francisco

For $16 a bottle its quite a deal considering the organic grapes. The 2013 McFadden Gewurztraminer expresses a spicy, almost sexy aroma of fresh spring peaches and the blossoms from their trees. Its absolutely delicious on the palate with fine, crisp acidity and flavors that linger long. Its a perfect wine to serve with a spicy dish or rich pasta. Again its $16 and made with organic grapes. Finally, the 2013 McFadden Riesling is very much in an Alsatian style with lots of bright, lush ripe peaches and apricots on the aroma. With just three percent sugar, the wine is perfectly balanced with enough acid. Its a real mouthful of wine.
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Corks & Forks: New Grapes 'n Growlers uncorks keg wine | The Columbian

The definition of intimacy is when an artist or someone on the stage can look into the eyes of every person in the room. Once you cant have eye contact, you cant have intimacy. But while the concerts are central to the overall City Winery experience, the business focus is on the wine list and Mediterranean menu. We dont make money at all on ticket sales, says Dorf, explaining that 80 percent of the box-office take goes to the artists. Our focus is on making our profits from food and beverage, just like any restaurant. Much of that comes from the wines produced in-house. City Winery has contracts with vineyards in California, Oregon, Washington, New York andArgentina; 60 percent of the wineproduced at the four locations goes into an eco-friendly, on-tap system beforeits served, which lowers packaging costs for higher margins. By making wine in our facilities, were not just selling it and offering a good wine list, Dorf says. Customers can smell the fermentation and seethe tanks, which gives an authentic statement to what we do. The company also offers a wineclub and barrel membership, in which grapes grow individuals or companies have the opportunity to join in during the winemaking process, from the selection of grapes to crushing, aging, blending, bottling and labeling. That was part of Dorfs plan from the beginning: My goal was andremains to move wine, to show that you could make it in an authenticmanner in the middle of a city and to offer a luxury concert experience. Long-distance leadership Every year since founding City Winery, Michael Dorf has brought 15 people from each of the companys U.S. locations, including managers and up-and-coming staffers, to what he calls base camps. (The most recent was in Puerto Rico.) These should never be called retreats, Dorf says. A retreat is just the opposite of what you want to be doingthe idea is to go forward, and a base camp is a great spot where youre close to your goal but you still have a ways to go. Here, Dorf explains his rules for fostering a sense of togetherness among far-flung colleagues.
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Customer Insults, Nicknames from Comcast, Car Dealerships, Casinos, Restaurants

Chimpanzee on a telephone the slang term is applied to someone who is ignorant or clueless and easily manipulated. In certain circles, an investor might also be dubbed an ostrich, pig, or sheep depending on if he, respectively, buries his head in the sand no matter whats happening in the market, is overly greedy, or has no strategy and does whatever someone else tells him. Bunnies, Grapes, Squirrels Behind the scene at car dealerships, customers who are bad negotiators and easy for salespeople to push around and talk into deals are sometimes known as bunnies or grapes, presumably because theyre just waiting to be pounced on or squeezed, respectively. A squirrel, on the other hand, is a hated species of customer who hops from salesperson to salesperson with no sense of loyalty or thought to who should get the commission. Dogs, Fish, Bait, Whales These are all terms used in the world of gambling and casinos, and they generally refer to players who are losing or are likely to lose to the house, but also to the shark sitting across the table. A whale, of course, is a high roller who bets big, and who therefore will probably lose big money at one time or another.
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Statement from the Family of Bob Benmosché - Yahoo Finance

The global insurance conglomerate, in dire financial condition and viewed by many as central to the 2008 financial crisis, was restored to robust health in a few short years, thanks to the commitment and business acumen of Mr. Benmosche. In a result no one in business or government predicted, the people of AIG under Mr. Benmosches leadership paid back the American taxpayers an astonishing $182.3 billionplus an additional $22.7 billion in profit. Known universally as Bob, the imposing 6-foot-4 businessman was also a devoted father, husband, partner, and friend, a man known for his generosity to charitable ventures and the arts, and his belief that the people, when given the freedom to act, will do the right thing and great things. His wife, Denise, daughter Nehama, son Ari, and longtime companion Lisa were at his bedside when he died.
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How This Entrepreneur Reworked His Business Idea in the Face of Financial Armageddon - Yahoo Finance

No bottles or cans to recycle here and complimentary tastings are encouraged. Tom pointed out that keg wine pushed with nitrogen gas similar to a beer keg receives none of the air contact that how to grow grapes at home causes oxidation, giving it an average 90-day shelf life. Another ace in the hole is who Grapes 'n Growlers is sourcing its wine from.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.columbian.com/news/2015/feb/27/new-grapes-n-growlers-uncorks-keg-wine/

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